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A Rails-to-Trails Project
The Pat McGee Trail
The Pat McGee Trail is the first phase (12.14 miles of abandoned rail bed) to create a multi-use trail from Allegany State Park to Gowanda and Zoar Valley. The second phase has already commenced with  the extension of this trail system to the edge of the Village of Cattaraugus. As the railroad discontinues use of contiguous routes.  The construction of the trailhead parks within the downtown areas of villages along the trail.
To date the CLDC and community volunteers have accomplished the following: 
  • Obtained fee simple ownership of 12.14 miles of rail bed.
  • Applied for and awarded two grants (NYS Parks and Recreation for a Trailhead in the Village of Little Valley and TEA-21 NYS DOT grant for development of the trail.) 
  • Raised over $2,000,000 in grants, private funds, donations and in-kind services.
  • Designed, rebuilt, re-decked 660 feet of bridges, graded and landscaped the trail.
  • Created Five Parking Areas
  • Six Rehabilitated Bridges
  • 811 feet of drainage pipe
  • 30,000 feet of ditch cleaning
  • 7,550 square feet of wood bridge decking
  • 1,970 feet of hand railing
  • 1,720 tons of riprap
  • 9,880 tons of crushed gravel
  • 1,075 square feet of signage
  • Total of 27,000 tons of earthwork was completed

Along the Trail:

Some of the interesting sights along the trail include: rock formations, eco-communities, wildlife (150 species of birds, 41 species of mammals, 170 species of trees and plants), vistas and geo-cache locations.

August 30th, 2001 County Chronicle - Former Railroad Station Site in Little Valley has New Use. 
December 30th, 2000 The Post-Journal - Cattaraugus Corporation Receives State Award.
December 6th, 2000 County Chronicle - S.T.A.R.T. announces winner of contest, future plans of the organization. 
December 1st, 2000 Special-E-Fects - Wheelbarrow of Booze - Cattaraugus Resident Winner of Southern Tier Association for Rails-to-Trails Wheelbarrow of Booze Contest.
November 14th, 2000 The Salamanca Press - CLDC honored for innovation in Iroquois Recreation Trail plans. 
November 15th, 2000  The Times Herald - State Honors group for turning rails to trails. 
November 10th, 2000 Special-E-Fects - Rails to Trails honored. 
September 14, 2000  The Buffalo News - Recreation trail set in Cattaraugus County. 
September 13, 2000 The Times Herald - Rails to Trails moving full speed ahead. 
May 22nd, 2000    The Salamanca Press -  Balloon launch signals 'S.T.A.R.T.' of rails-to-trails project in LV.  By Laura Howard
May 21st, 2000  The Post-Journal - Residents Celebrate Opening of Recreational Trail.  By Sharon Turano  
April 22, 2000  County Chronicle - Recreational Trail receives $1.5 million grant.  
April 21, 2000  Special-E-Fects - Rails to Trails Receives Grant Money.
April 19, 2000  The Times Herald - State Funding drives Rails to Trails project full steam ahead.  By Rick Jozwiak  
April 19, 2000  The Salamanca Press -  S.T.A.R.T. receives $1.5M for rails-to-trails project.  By Laura Howard 
April 15, 2000 The Post-Journal - State OKs Money for Trail.  By Sharon Turano
March 17th, 2000  The Post-Journal -  Rail Line Sale is Approved by Cattaraugus IDA.  By Sharon Turano  
February 26, 2000  County Chronicle - Southern Tier Association for Rails-to-Trails and CLDC to Receive NYS Recreational Trails Grant.
February 25, 2000  Special-E-Fects - NYS Recreational Trails Grant to be Awarded.  
February 18-20, 2000   The Salamanca Press - S.T.A.R.T. to receive grant funds for trailhead.
February 23rd, 2000  Olean Times Herald - State grant to fund recreation area near Little Valley trail.  By Rick Jozwiak
February 18, 2000   The Buffalo News - START announces grant for trailhead.  By Kathy Kellogg  
October 28, 1999  The Post- Journal - Cattaraugus Rails-to-Trails Application Clears Hurdle  By the Post-Journal Staff 
October 29th, 1999  The Times Herald - Funding process for trail clears another hurdle.  By Rick Jozwiak  
September 25th, 1999  The Post-Journal - Counties Cooperate to Push Tourism.  
July 15, 1999  The Times Herald - Trail officials seek $1.2 million grant.  By Rick Jozwiak
July 10, 1999  County Chronicle - S.T.A.R.T. Submits Grant Application.  
July 9, 1999  The Salamanca Press - START seeks $1.3 million for recreation trail.  By Laura Howard
July 9, 1999   Special-E-Fects -Rails-to-Trails ; A project of Great Magnitude Sure to Benefit Cattaraugus County. 
1999-2000  Ski and Entertainment Guide - Year-round trail from abandoned rail in the works. 









































































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